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Crystal Palace Bamboo has long been the gold standard for quality bamboo needles and hooks.  Our products are meticulously crafted in a century-old factory using the highest quality Japanese bamboo.  The superior tensile strength of this bamboo, which comes from densely packed fibers in the bamboo stalks, makes these tools strong and resilient.  The needles and hooks are specially cured for durability and polished to a silky smooth finish.  The tips are tapered to a fine point for easy stitching. 

Knitting and crocheting are tactile experiences. They are about more than just completing projects. There is a reason we take time to make a project rather than buy it ready-made from the store. We enjoy that time we spend making. Much of this enjoyment comes from working with our hands and from the connection of the material to the fiber artist within. It is not only the yarn that makes it pleasurable but the tools as well